RB Global Challenge

We believe that every business has a responsibility towards the social framework it operates within. This helps us stand out as a Business with Purpose. We want business ideas that have greater social or environmental impact, that address critical issues facing the country, and have the power to bring about positive change.

In line with our purpose, RB Global Challenge looks for pathbreaking and self-sustaining ideas with significant social impact from the brightest students.

RB Global Challenge 2018

This year, RB Global Challenge is bigger than ever before. The competition will intensify with top schools across the world battling it out.

The Challenge


Business Simulation Game

Step into the shoes of an RB General Manager and take the strategic decisions that will help grow your business.

Ideation Stage
Made it through the first round? Now, come up with a BIG IDEA that addresses an ongoing issue in the areas of Health and Hygiene in your country. Base your idea on:

  1. 1. Product innovation
  2. Product Extension
  3. Service Innovation of RB Brand.

And hey! Your idea must also be financially viable


Business Plan Development 
Congratulations! Welcome to the National Finale. You have to design an end-to-end business plan for your idea and present it to the RB Leadership and external jury.


Global Finale
Gear up to face the best minds across 18 countries and prove that your idea has what it takes to win. You will get a chance to present your idea to the RB Global Leadership.

If you believe positive social change starts with a good idea, then this is the competition for you. Roll up your sleeves, put on your thinking caps and get ready to make a difference.